First things first….this website is an archive of old Windows-only, 32-bit plugins that I made, just kept here for those that might want them. I don’t develop plugins any more, so there won’t be any updates, fixes or new plugins. It also means that support is limited to the questions answered below

End User License Agreement (EULA)
Most plugins have a EULA included in the manual or readme file. Some early freeware plugins did not, but please refer to the default EULA below where none is included in the download.

The Software is not public domain, and is protected by the copyright laws of the UK and reciprocal laws of the international community. In downloading the Software, you are not obtaining title to the Software or any copyrights. You may not sublicense, rent, lease, convey, distribute, copy, modify, translate, convert to another programming language, decompile, or disassemble the Software for any purpose. You may only redistribute the Software with the Authors prior written permission. Where redistribution is authorised in writing by the Author, the Software must be redistributed in its original archive format, and must not be modified in any way. All such authorised redistribution must be accompanied by clear messages stating the origin of the software as a product by the Author, this license, a link to the Website, and a further message saying that updates of the Software are available from the Website. By using the Software, you are agreeing to this disclaimer and license


All content of the website, including text, images, plugins, manuals and samples are the copyright © of de la Mancha, unless specifically stated otherwise, usually in the EULA of the plugin or by credits in the manual. Some plugins are shared copyright and some content, such as samples, the copyright holder has given permission for their material to be distributed with de la Mancha plugins.

In all cases, without exception, you may not distribute plugins, samples or other copyrighted material without prior written permission from the copyright holder. This applies to all material, including freeware, payware, bundles and discontinued plugins.


Freeware means that you do not need to pay to download and use the software that is labelled as such. You CANNOT however distribute, sell or upload these plugins yourself, the copyright is still with de la Mancha. This also applies to all payware, bundles, discontinued freeware or previous versions of plugins. Please respect the EULA that is included with each plugin, or if not available, the default EULA above.

I no longer sell any plugins, either via my website or any other website. I am unable to send links to past customers, so if you have bought payware from de la Mancha, please make back up copies. A few plugins that used to be payware have been made available for free download from the instrument and effect pages of this website.

Is there any plan to make Mac or 64 bit versions?

de la Mancha plugins are made using SynthEdit, so for this reason they are 32-bit and can only be used on Windows based VST hosting systems. There are no plans to update or make new plugins, so there will not be any Mac versions or 64-bit Windows versions.

All dlM plugins are installed by copying the contents of the downloaded zip or rar file into your VST directory. No installers are used, so you decide exactly where the files go. You must ensure the full contents of the zip or rar are extracted, maintaining any folder structure, as often additional folders and files are included which the plugin must access to function. Uninstalling is done by simply deleting the files and folder that was installed. No files are written to the registry.

“Can’t find module” errors – Windows folder permissions

If you get “Can’t find module” errors when you load a plugin in your host, it is a sign of a problem with the Windows folder permissions for your VST directory. All SynthEdit plugins need to auto-extract some module files to your hard drive, but unless the Windows folder permissions for your VST directory are set to allow write access, then this may not happen. Usually XP allows write by default, but Vista and Windows 7 don’t. You should be able to solve this by changing the permissions to allow write access, or having Administrator access levels.

You can check that the modules have been extracted by looking in the VST directory where you saved the .dll file. Wherever you saved the pluginname.dll there is a folder called pluginname too and in that folder there should be a bunch of .sep / .sem files

If the files are not there, you should change the folder permissions and then reload the plugin in your host

No sound – missing samples

Some of the plugin synths have sample based oscillators (dirty harry, plastique, miniSID, psymon, styrofoam) which means they have an additional file(s) in the zip file that contain the samples. You need to make sure you extract the contents of the zip so that the folder structure is maintained and the plugin can locate the samples. If you only extract the .dll or do not preserve the folder structure, then the synth will be silent. Please check the folder/file structure on your computer is the same as the one in the zip file.

Anti-virus trojan alerts

Some Anti virus programs are reporting trojans and malware in error with CK modules within my plugins. Kapersky, Avira AntiVir and Avast! for example, are showing false positives with CK modules ( CK_Warp.sep, CK_Host_BPM.sep, CK_polyphony_control.sep, etc) which are used in SynthEdit plugins such as mine. False Positive means they report a trojan or virus when there isn’t one.

I have reported each case to these software houses and each time it is confirmed as a false positive, with the message that they will update the next version of their anti-virus software.

If you encounter an alert from your AV software, you should report the false positive to the AV company and they will confirm it for you

There are no trojans, viruses or malware in my plugins. You can use de la Mancha plugins in peace 🙂

Using plugins in commercial music releases
You may use any of my plugins in commercial music releases without condition. There is no financial or non-financial requirement, but feel free to credit de la Mancha or link to this site if you enjoyed using my plugins

The same applies to any included sample content (loops, samples, waveforms etc) that comes with the plugins. You may use these however you wish in your music, even within other plugins, samplers and software.

However, you may not redistribute (free or otherwise) the sample content in it’s original form, or as modified samples. Their use is restricted to part of an original musical piece.