basic 64 is back for free download

basicbasic 64 – click for more info

I thought I’d put back an old favourite for download since I had a few requests for it.

 *** please note, this is an old synthedit plugin – it’s not 64 bit anything and it’s windows only ***

As you may know, I stopped developing plugins a while ago, and then after a catastrophic web/database corruption I stopped selling plugins altogether, but leaving the freeware downloadable. Since my hosting contract finished, I moved everything over to a wordpress site, so the freeware is still all here, and whilst I was at it, I added basic 64 back, which wasn’t available following the release of basic 65.

I still won’t be developing any new plugins and I don’t plan on selling any of the payware plugins, just thought I’d upload and oldie that had gone missing. I have a couple more oldies in the archives that I will upload at some point soon too.

If you would like to donate…

cruk_c_logoIf you like and use any of my plugins, please consider donating to Cancer Research UK in order to help care for and find a cure for cancer sufferers. Any amount you can afford is appreciated and will help to fund international research projects in all aspects of cancer.